Gabriella Montez
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: brown
Birthday: June 9th, 1990
Height: 19.0
Weight: 9.0
Address: Alberque,New Mexico
Occupation(s): Employee at the Lava Springs
Aliases: *Gaby
Family & Friends
Family: Mrs. Montez (mother)

Jack Bolton (father-in-law) Lucille Bolton (mother-in-law) Peyton Bolton (Son)

Relationships: Troy Bolton (Boyfriend/Husband)
Friends: *Taylor McKessie
Pet(s): Isabella (dog; deceased)
Employer: Mr.Fulton
Employees: Troy Bolton, Taylor McKessie, Chad Danforth, Kelsi Nielsen, Zeke Baylor, Martha Cox, Jason Cross
Enemies: *Sharpay Evans
Other Informations
Interests: Singing, Dancing, Being a devoted wife and a loving mother
Clique: Troy Bolton's wife, Peyton Bolton's mother, Mrs. Montez' daughter, Jack and Lucille's daughter-in-law
Education: College Student at Standford University (successfully)
Talent: *basketball
  • singing
  • dancing
Vulnerabilities: Defended by her friends and loved ones
Strengths: getting great grades
Weaknesses: singing in front of people
Awards: Best Female Singer
Series Information
First appearance: High School Musical
Last appearance: High School Musical 3 Senior Year
Portrayer: Vanessa Hudgens

Gabriella Montez-Bolton, or Gabi is the main female character in High School Musical and its subsequent sequels. She is portrayed by actress Vanessa Hudgens. She is the daughter of Mrs. Montez and the daughter-in-law of Coach and Mrs. Bolton. It's a Love story of Troy and Gabriella. She liked him in the moive too.

She is also the wife of Troy Bolton and the mother of Peyton Bolton, who knows who else she'll pop out. #credible.

A peer-described 'freaky genius girl' and 'acadmenic protege,' Gabriella excells in math and science and has often been made fun of, resulting in her shyness. She meets Troy Bolton at a lodge while on vacation, and the two sing together. Later, she moves to Albuquerque where she finds Troy again. Through a series of events, the two end up singing together once more and become boyfriend and girlfriend. A series of ups and downs throughout the rest of the films, their relationship is full of love and results in Troy choosing to attend Berkeley for college, a mere 32.7 miles from Gabriella's choice of Stanford University as apposed to that of the 1053 miles of U of A.

She is best friends with Taylor McKessie, and has been shown to clash with Sharpay Evans.

High School MusicalEdit

By the time of High School Musical she was still very shy and reluctant to go to the New Years Teen Party her mom makes her go to. However she meets Troy Bolton during a karaoke contest the New Year's Eve Party. The two are then pressured to sing a song, "Start of Something New", where they both start to fall for each other. As the countdown to New Year's Eve started they both said their goodbyes and gave each other their phone numbers. Although they were supposed to meet later the next day, Troy was forced to leave the first thing in the morning. After winter break, she goes to East High because of her mom's job and is afraid of her new suroundings, thinking that she will be the "Freaky Math Girl" instead of her own person.

In homeroom, she, on her first day, along with Troy, Taylor, Chad, Sharpay and Ryan, get detention for disrupting the class. Troy meets up with Gabriella after class and they both are very excited to be together again. Troy then gives her a tour of East High, but they are interrupted by Sharpay.

Troy and Gabriella start to fall in love, and they sign up together for the Winter Musical, but when Taylor and the science club show her the video of Troy yelling to his friends that he won't do the musical (after being put under pressure and only to shut his friends up), she's heartbroken. After Troy learns why she won't talk to him, he sneaks up a tree on her back porch, where he sings part of the song they sang on New Year's Eve, reminding her that "it's a pairs audition" "(Start of Something New (Reprise))" She starts to like him again.

When she and Troy do their callback, she's nervous at first, but with help from Troy, they give an unbelievable performance of the song Breaking Free, and she wins the role of Minnie in the winter musical eventually with the help of the basketball team and the decathalon team, and Troy wins the role of Arnold despite the efforts of the great Evans twins - Ryan and Sharpay. She's one of the smartest girls at East High who eventually helps, the science club win the science

decathalon, giving them lessons on a high level.

File:Gotta My Own Way.jpg

High School Musical 2Edit

In High School Musical 2, she and Troy are revealed to be a couple. She takes a job as a lifeguard at Lava Springs Country Club and plans to spend her summer with Troy. In the kitchen at Lava Springs, she helps Troy convince the other Wildcats that they should stick together no matter what "(Work This Out)"Kelsi Nielsen writes them a duet for the talent show titled "(You Are the Music In Me)"

However, she sees the way he acts when Sharpay provides him with countless opportunites for his future--including getting him practice time with the Red Hawks from U of A, having him promoted to a high-paying salary golf instructor position at work, and even going to far as tricking him into singing with her. Gabriella begins to question her trust in him as, in his enthusiasm, he begins to mistreat his friends and break more and more promises.

To get closer to him, Sharpay pretends she can't play golf, making Troy her new instructor and causing them to spend growing amounts of time together. Taylor and Chad watch from the sidelines as Sharpay continues to attempt to win Troy's affections away from his friends--and more importantly Gabriella. She becomes increasingly distrustful of Troy due to him blowing off his friends and missing their dates.

When Gabriella discovers that Sharpay has talked to Fulton and made to decision that the Wildcats are not allowed to perform in the talent show, she confronts Sharpay, warning her that she should "step away from the mirror" long enough to "check the damage that will always be right behind [her]." Troy watches from the background as Gabriella confronts Sharpay, saying that she "doesn't care what [Sharpay] thinks [she's] doing for Troy," that she's "done" with Lava Spings, and that she is only bothered by the fact that Sharpay is ruining her summer plans. Offended, Sharpay stalks away and Gabriella is met with Troy.

Troy asks her what she means when she says she is done, and Gabriella admits that the summer isn't going the way she had planned. Teary-eyed, he insists that he meant what he said about "movies...and just being together." Although she assures Troy that she knows he probably did "at the time," she goes on to tell him that she's leaving, claiming that she will miss him but she cannot stay and watch her perfect summer be destroyed before her eyes. She quits her lifeguard job at Lava Springs and breaks up with Troy "(Gotta Go My Own Way)despite his pleas and insistence that he wants her to stay. She hands him back the 'T' necklace he gave her at the beginning of summer, leaving Troy speechless and brokenhearted. It’s really deeply upsetting and I cry every time I hear it.

In a scene not shown in the movie, Taylor goes to Gabriella's house and tells her of Troy reversing his summer mistakes by returning to his job in the kitchen and refusing to sing with Sharpay. Taylor returns the 'T' necklace to Gabriella, and brings her back to Lava Springs to sing in the talent show. Gabriella surprises Troy on-stage as they sing "(Everyday)'with the rest of the Wildcats. The song is their apology to each other, and and Troy get back together after the performance, sharing a kiss on the golf course as their friends run around in the sprinklers.

They all perform a closing song "(All For One)" by the Lava Springs pool.

==High School Musical 3==Gabriella [[File:Hsm2011.jpg|thumb|left] In High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Gabriella is first shown in the gym during the basketball game "(Now Or Never)"' as supporting Troy, urging him on and insisting that he can do great. After the win, she attends the celebratory afterparty at Troy's house. He sneaks her up to his tree house, away from his guests, and teases that she is the "second girl [he's] ever brough up [t]here," the first being his mom. He congratulates her on being accepted to Standford University already, both mentioning bittersweetly that her college is 1053 miles from U of A, the college where he is expected to attend. However, Gabriella appears depressed by her mother's constant bragging and admits that she wishes "everything would just slow down" and that they could stay together in high school for a little while longer without having to think about the trials of the real world. They sing together "(Right Here, Right Now)"about living largely in the moment. Gabriella teases Troy about the toys in his playhouse, wrapping a red cape around his shoulders and teasing "There. Now it's just like kindergarten," a line reminiscent of their first meeting in the rooftop garden at school.

After being roped into performing in the school musical again by Kelsi Neilson, desperate to keep it from turning into a "Sharpay show," Gabriella manages to convince Troy, who in turn convinces the rest of the Wildcats, that this is their last opportunity to do something together. After being asked what she wants, Gabriella suggests that, in the musical that is entirely about their senior year, they stage the perfect prom. Sharpay mocks her and proceeds into a musical number detailing exactly what she sees in her future "(I Want It All)"as a maid, answering the phone and dusting about.

That day after school, Troy drive Gabriella home and the two sit in the hammock in her back yard, discussing how they still have some big decisions to make about their college plans. Troy admits that he's been looking into colleges other than U of A, but before Gabriella can confess something her mother appears in the back yard and offers to make them some snacks. Retreating as she realizes she has interrupted something, Troy claims they were doing homework, and Gabriella jumps up to actually begin doing so.

The next day at school, Troy summons Gabriella up to the roof where he asks her to chose between several suit jackets, presenting her with two tickets to prom, 'The Last Waltz.' He asks if she thinks they will actually have to waltz, because he doesn't know how, and she tells him that she only knows what her father taught her when she was little by waltzing her around on his toes. Leading him out onto the rooftop, she teaches Troy how to waltz "(Can I Have This Dance?)" and the two nearly share a kiss in the rain, only to be interrupted by the ringing school bell. It’s so sweet!!!

During drama rehearsal later, she sings "(A Night To Remember)"WILDCATS with her fellow classmates, a depiction of the perfect prom in which Troy plays her date. Also, in rehearsals for the "Senior Year" musical, she practices a duet with Troy "(Just Want To Be With You) in which they dance around the auditorium and a stage made to look like her balcony, with a Tree for Troy to climb.

In the meantime, Gabriella discovers that she has been accepted into Standford's Freshman Honors Program, meaning that she would be leaving East High two weeks early, missing the show, prom, and graduation. She tells Taylor, but asks Taylor to keep it a secret because nobody else knows. However, Tiara Gold overhears and tells Sharpay. In order to get rid of Gabriella and have Troy for herself like she should, Sharpay tells him about Gabriella's program, insisting that he is the only thing that could be holding her back.

Troy, worried about his affect on Gabriella's future, sneaks into her room via balcony with a pizza and a picnic basket of chocolate covered strawberries and decides to confront her about it. She admits that she has been thinking about asking her mom to stay in Albuquerque for another year, and Troy replies that she can't "put off something as amazing as Standford," very insistent that she go. Seeing how upset he is, Gabriella tells him that she is simply much better at "good-bye" than he is. Trying to lighten the mood, he reminds her that she would still have to come back for the show, prom, and graduation, and then he sneaks a kiss on her cheek.

Moments after he leaves,Gabriella appears to have made her decision about Standford. She leaves "(Walk Away)", mourning the loss of her friends and Troy, but she realizes that she cannot handle a goodbye this time because it will only break her heart. Though Troy had planned on her returning for everything, she calls him and tells him that she cannot handle coming back to Albuquerque only to leave again two weeks later. This breaks Troy's heart as well as Gabriella as she is seen crying on a bench at Standford. In a determined attempt not to lose his girlfriend, Troy drives to Stanford the day of prom and convinces her that though she may be ready to leave Albuquerque behind but "East High isn't ready to say goodbye to [her]." He tells her that his prom is wherever she is and they waltz around a tree in the Stanford garden area "(Can I Have This Dance? (Reprise)) before kissing.

The couple drives back to East High and manage to arrive just in time to perform together in the second act of Senior Year Spring Musical, singing the song Just Want To Be With You (Reprise)

After the musical, Troy announces that he has decided to attend the University of California, Berkeley, in the fall, a school that is only 32.7 miles from Stanford. Gabriella cries as he introduces her as the person who "inspires [his] heart", annoucing to the audience that she will be attending Stanford University, pre-law.

In the final scene, she attends her graduating ceremony from East High with her peers and watchs Troy give his graduation speech. She is the valedictorian. The teens perform their last song together "(High School Musical)" before appearing on stage in the auditorium once more in front of the 'High School Musical' sign, doing their signature jump and taking one last bow.

==Personality and Traits==Gabriella usually exhibits a very friendly attitude and has a generally kind personality. To those she considers friends and virtually anyone who approaches her, she is generous, thoughtful, and considerate.

After being labeled the "Freaky Math Girl" at previous schools she attended, Gabriella dreads drawing attention to her academic abilities at East High. She is shown to be a bit of a book worm, preferring to read on vacation rather than attend the party at the lodge, and is seen as somewhat of an academic protege. She is very shy, barely managing the confidence to raise her hand to correct a teacher's math, but does seem to enjoy school, even giggling to herself after the teacher's praise. However, she typically doesn't like to be in the spotlight, showing her extreme discomfort (stage fright) when she is pushed up on the stage with Troy on New Year's, and when she realizes that the whole school is in the auditorium to watch her callback with Troy.

After spending time at East High and making a large group of friends, Gabriella seems to come out of her shell and, although typically well-mannered and completely in control of her emotions, she cannot tollerate people who are controlling or interfering with her friends' lives, as shown by her harsh reaction to Sharpay in High School Musical 2.

She has a love for singing which was not fully realized until the events of High School Musical when Troy encouraged her to sing with him. However, it was mentioned that she had been part of her local church's choir, trying to solo once and fainting due to her shyness and stage fright.

She is considered to be a very attractive brunette, having been able to catch Troy's eye the first time they sing together.

Though she is typically portrayed as being sensitive and sensible, she often chooses to run away from her problems (see: HSM when she hears what Troy says; HSM2 when Troy begins to change due to Sharpay's interference; HSM3 when she faces long-distance separation from Troy) rather than face them. She cannot handle emotional conflict, and claims that she has a lot of experience saying goodbye to people. This is her reason for leaving in HSM3 -- she is afraid of saying goodbye to try. Most likely, this trait is a result of being moved from place to place constantly because of her mother's job being constantly relocated.

Talents and SkillsEdit

Gabriella has shown to be a talented singer as well as being extremely intelligent. Her academic performance is so impressive that Stanford University had taken notice of her even before she had graduated from East High School. She is also a competent dancer and when required, an accomplished performer. She also has impressive computer skills as she and Taylor were able to slice into the East High School mainframe to disrupt both her and Troy' s championships. She also has first aid training in performing CPR hence her job as a lifeguard.

Family Members Edit

  1. Mother (Mrs. Montez): Seen in High School Musical, and High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Socorro. Hearrera
  2. Father (Name unknown): Only mentioned in last
  3. Troy Bolton (husband)
  4. Peyton Bolton (son)
  5. Coach Bolton (father-in-law)
  6. Mrs. Bolton (mother-in-law)